Traditional dance of Bangreng

Enjoy art performances Bangreng during your visit in Sumedang. This dance is a development of the art of "Fly" and "Ronggeng", which uses Fly (a kind of tambourine but the amount of three times the tool tambourine). This art is played by five players and two drummers drum small and large sizes. While Ronggeng is accredited interpreter kawih tilu female dancers in tap dancing and singing with dance man in serving the deal
Fly art first appeared at the time of the spread of Islam by Wangsa Kusuma, which is used as a medium of art Fly Dawah. While Ronggeng is the designation for the dancer, singer or also called Nyi Ronggeng. Because the term "Nyi" it, then ronggeng played by a woman.
According to art experts (artists), this unusual art Bangreng performed at events such as entertainment and special events ruatan home, set up a new building, and other thanksgiving.
video of bangreng performance :

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